City nature; Flora and Fauna

Wildgroei/ Overgrown

2016-now I started working on a series called ‘Wildgroei’ or ‘Overgrowth’ It currently consists of sculptures, collages, drawings and prints.

Wildgroei,  2017, plastic + paper, 21cm x 10cm
Wildgroei, 2016, found material + paper
Wildgroei – 2017 – Found piece of foam + paper

Urban Wildlife

I recently started a visual artistic research about the urban wildlife I am spotting while observing the city. At the moment the research is consisting of a growing documentary database of short movies and images shot by me in my daily environment.


Urban jungle

Urban Jungle is an ongoing project. The growing collection of flowers I find on the city streets while combing combined and presented together like a plastic jungle. The collection will be different and bigger everytime and the flowers will be presented directly on the wall. The still on the picture below is from 2015, printed 20 x 15cm, behind acryllic glass, edition 50. It is available in the shop


Tropical islands

During a residence in Spain I saw the empty beercans, flattened by the wheels of the cars, slowly getting part of the sandy roads like small colorfull little islands. Right now I am still collecting and the cans and this multiple is still for sale.


Sticky Landscapes

‘Sticky landscapes’ is an ongoing project which I started in 2017 where I am focused on discovering the potential visual possibilities and stories of gum I collected from the citystreets